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Phoenix // Trying To Be Cool

Funky fresh from new album Bankrupt!
Available to stream on iTunes now. Official release: April 22.

Phoenix // Entertainment


Keep your eyes and ears peeled for upcoming album Bankrupt! due for release in the coming month or so!

Phoenix // If I Ever Feel Better


This is first Phoenix song my then-deprived-ear-tubes were ever exposed to. It’s been a sweet, rosy relationship ever since.

The Concept // D-D-Dance

Phoenix // Long Distance Call

phoenix // love like a sunset part I

phoenix // 1901 (remixed by DLID)

phoenix // 1901

a take away show. filmed live in beautiful paris.

phoenix // north

one of my favourite instrumental pieces. chilling out on a late monday night, with the sound of raindrops pattering against my window.

Phoenix’s encore performance of “If I Ever Feel Better” and “1901” live in Vancouver. The quality is a bit dodgy, and Phoenix aren’t the best live act but honestly the ATMOSPHERE.

phoenix // 1901

phoenix. grammy winning french indie pop rock band est 1999. love the parisian style.

according to lead singer tom, 1901 is a fantasy song about the “better” place paris was back in 1901.
spirited, catchy, hopeful and seeping of optimism. i wish i could go back in time…heck i wish i could just go to paris.

artwork mandatory. love it :)

here are a few of the flipping amazing ones (plus their flagship tune):

33. Daft Punk

around the world. [live at coachella]

22. Bat For Lashes


20. Vampire Weekend


19. Lykke Li

little bit.

15. Franz Ferdinand

take me out.

9. Royksopp

ok so this art’s a bit weird. but royksopp is <3

remind me.

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

heads will roll.

2. Passion Pit


1. Phoenix


Palladium by Anarchei