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Bat For Lashes & Beck // Let’s Get Lost

Let’s just disregard for a moment that this brilliance has anything to do with Twilight: Eclipse.

Bat For Lashes // Laura

Fresh track from Bat For Lashes’ next release, The Haunted Man. AH what an amazing month July has been for new music!

PS. Thoughts on the album cover?

bat for lashes // a forest (the cure cover)

bat for lashes // what’s a girl to do

bat for lashes. british songwriter and experimentalist natasha khan. est. 2006.
-indie | experimental | alternative | songwriter | vocalist | folk | british

bat for lashes // daniel

bat for lashes. the creation of brit natasha khan. est. 2006.

brooding tune that haunts the ears. sweetly eerie.

artwork mandatory. love it :)

here are a few of the flipping amazing ones (plus their flagship tune):

33. Daft Punk

around the world. [live at coachella]

22. Bat For Lashes


20. Vampire Weekend


19. Lykke Li

little bit.

15. Franz Ferdinand

take me out.

9. Royksopp

ok so this art’s a bit weird. but royksopp is <3

remind me.

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

heads will roll.

2. Passion Pit


1. Phoenix


Palladium by Anarchei